Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy Applicable to Booked Parties and School Holiday Programs


As a valued and loyal customer, I’d like to personally update you on the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and the precautions we at Bop till you Drop are taking.

Our senior management team are in direct contact with the Department of Education and World Health Organisation (WHO) and are closely following their recommendations to minimise risks concerned with COVID-19.

Hygiene practices:-

It is important you are aware that we maintain the highest hygiene and cleaning practices on our equipment and at our events. We are ensuring our staff are well informed and updated as the COVID -19 virus is changing rapidly.

All our staff have been educated in high hygiene standards, including practicing proper hand sanitising procedures and cough etiquette.

All our parties and events will be equipped with hand sanitiser, and if any child presents unwell or with flu-like symptoms at one of our parties, they will be provided with hand sanitiser, and where possible, moved away from other children.


We uphold the highest standards when it comes to cleaning and have stringent processes in place. All the equipment is wiped down with antibacterial wipes upon entering your home. The entertainer will also make sure they have thoroughly cleaned their hands with antibacterial hand sanitiser. During the party they will use antibacterial wipes to wipe over the microphones after each use from the children to minimise the spread of illness. The entertainer will adjust the microphones to the correct height which will limit the need for the children to touch the equipment. They will also regularly remind the children not to touch the microphones where possible.

Program Alterations:-

We have now altered our parties to minimise direct contact between children. This includes eliminating all games that have direct contact between children, such as linking arms, clapping with another child or huddling in a group. Instead we have replaced these games with other fun activities such as musical statues, limbo, etc.

Suggestions you can put in place:-

Remind parents if their child is not feeling well to please keep them away from the party. Ask the children to all wash their hands as they enter your home/venue. Repeat this just before and after food and cake time. Try where possible to provide individual food packs and drink bottles (with names written on) instead of cups with jugs. If you must have bowls of food, use clean thongs to place the food on the children’s plate. Do not allow the children to pick their own food.


If cancelled OR rescheduled within 21 days of the event date, normally a $100 fee applies, however we have decided to waive this fee. If cancelled OR rescheduled within 14 days of the event date, normally full payment will apply but in the case of COVID-19, this will be reduced to a $100 cancellation fee.

Should a party be cancelled as a result of COVID-19 related illness within our Bop team, a full refund will apply.


As a valued and a loyal customer, I’d like to personally update you on the evolving 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, and the precautions we at Bop till you Drop are taking for our 2020 School Holiday Programs.  

Our senior management team are in direct contact with the Department of Education and World Health Organisation (WHO) and are closely following their recommendations to minimise risks concerned with COVID-19.  

Hygiene practices:- 

We’re following the recommended health and safety precautions and are continuing to provide the latest updates to our staff to ensure they’re well informed.  

We’re ensuring all our staff maintain high hygiene standards, including practicing proper hand sanitising procedures and cough etiquette.  

All our School Holiday Programs will be equipped with hand sanitiser, and if any child presents as unwell or with flu-like symptoms at one of our programs, they will be provided with hand sanitiser, and where possible, moved away from other children.   


We uphold the highest standards when it comes to cleaning and have stringent processes in place. Before the entertainers enter the venue, they will thoroughly clean their hands with antibacterial hand sanitiser. During the School Holiday Programs they will use disinfectant wipes to wipe over all the high touch points such as door handles, desks and toilets.  

Program Alterations:- 

After much deliberation we have decided to remove the karaoke class to minimise the children touching and putting their mouths close to the microphones. Instead we have replaced this class with a magic lesson. These lessons are fun and creative so be sure to ask the children what magic tricks they learnt. We will also be removing the cooking lesson, once again to minimise any health risks associated. We have replaced this with fun science experiments which the children can do individually. In our craft lesson instead of the children sharing pencils they will each receive their own individual packet 

Supervision and Education:- 

Our qualified team have also been trained to educate the children in our care of best practice when using equipment, best general hygiene practices and to recognise and assess risk and take the appropriate action. Throughout the day, children will have access to hand sanitiser. Our entertainers will advise the children not to share food and drinks. They will also be reminded to wash their hands before and after meals. If any child is seen to be coughing or sneezing into their hands, we will ask them to wash their hands immediately with soap and water.  


If you would like to cancel your booking for any reason at all including illness a credit note will be applied to your booking. This credit note can be used at any time or transferred to any other school holiday programPlease note there is no expiry on credit notes.  

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  • We just hired Bop till you Drop to do a virtual birthday party for my 8 year old and I was soooo impressed. They did it through zoom, but they must have used professional equipment as the sound and image was amazing. Cathy the host was so friendly, energetic and full of life. My daughter and her friends loved it and didn’t want it to end. It was so nice seeing all the girls and boys on screen dancing and laughing. Cathy made my daughter feel so special. At first she was disappointed that she couldn’t have all her friends over, but by the end she was thanking me and even asked if we could do the same party next year. Thank you Bop till you Drop, you guys are a life saver!!!

    Adam Mead

  • Just a quick note to pass on our thanks for Emily’s Bop Till You Drop 5th Bday Disco party on the weekend. Lexi was amazing!! She kept the kids engaged and entertained throughout the whole party, and the disco was an absolute hit with the kids (and parents!). Lexi transformed our lounge room with her disco lights and everyone had a ball singing on the microphones, playing party games and showing off their best dance moves. The birthday girl was so happy her favourite songs were played and she felt the centre of attention. Also wonderful that even with her recently broken arm, Emily was able to join in all the games, singing, dancing and activities – in fact I think she completely forgot she had a broken arm! Have already heard from a number of parents that their kids would now like a disco party too. And of course Emily loved the party so much she wants to do the same thing next year! Thanks again.

    Jade Sydney, NSW

  • Our daughter and her friends had the most wonderful time at her 5th Birthday party with the help of Bop till you Drop. Our gorgeous host kept all the kids engaged and partying on. We had so many compliments from friends on how good the entertainment was and how much fun they were all having.

    Sher Melbourne, VIC

  • We have just had the best school disco in years! All the kids enjoyed themselves and the energy and excitement from both Stacey and our students was amazing. All students from Kindy to Year 6 had a wonderful night, being able to get up on stage to dance and sing to their favourite song was great to see, Stacey did an amazing job! Thank you! We can’t wait to have BTYD back!

    Lee-Anne Bishop Central Coast, NSW

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