Book Week 2018 Find Your Treasure Costumes

Book Week! The idea can bring chills to your spine or have you jumping for joy at the thought of creating a costume. This year, the Children’s Book Council of Australia has chosen the theme of

Find your Treasure

conjuring up images of travel, adventure, and exploration; but also looking to the treasure within.

Junior school ideas

When thinking back to the favourite books for younger school goers, the following characters came to mind:

  • We’re Going on A Bear Hunt
  • Rainbow Fish and The Great Treasure Hunt
  • I Like Myself

So we scoured the internet to help you with some (hopefully) simple costume ideas for your younger Book Week fans.

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt

Probably the simplest of all, the family wears fairly normal clothes and adventures around the countryside. Dress your little one in their favourite and most comfortable clothes, maybe even choose colours similar to the characters, send them with the book and perhaps a set of binoculars.

Don’t have binoculars? Use this tutorial on making a simple pair from things found around the home.

Rainbow Fish and the Great Treasure Hunt

Who wouldn’t want to be the Rainbow Fish? All those bright colours! There are countless costumes out there for those who are handy sewers or good with glue guns. If you’re not one of those, then we’ve found this great cardboard option.

Here’s a hint though, we saw one outfit where the scales were made from painted paper plates. What a fabulous idea! No circles to cut either!

Check it out on this blog.

I Like Myself

This book is all about loving every piece of yourself, from your crazy curly hair, to the fun you have and the clothes you wear, and being comfortable in yourself.

Kids could dress up in the red and white striped clothes of the main character, they could have a snout, or if you own the book – let them dress up as themselves and take the book to school.

Upper Primary Book Week Costumes

There is a point where Adventure  books take a turn and become Action & Adventure. There’s also a stronger focus on resilience and finding the treasure inside ourselves.


If your craftiness extends to a pair of scissors, then there is always this great tutorial on Jedi robes from Smart Girls DIY. Don’t forget that any self-respecting Jedi needs a lightsabre and we found this fantastic (and safer) option over at Here Comes the Sun.

If your child is into more magical adventures such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, or perhaps they want to fight snakes like Indiana Jones, or maybe they prefer the cunning of Tintin, then head on over to our DIY Costume Board on Pinterest for these and other suggestions (along with those listed above).

Harry Potter

One of the favourite parts of the Harry Potter series is how the characters find their inner strengths and learn to rely on themselves and each other to overcome so many things.

There are many places to buy Harry Potter costumes online, or try some of the following suggestions.

At its easiest, you can pop the kids in a white shirt, grey pants or skirt, and their house tie. Here’s how to make a house tie in 10 minutes.

We found this free printable template for Luna Lovegood glasses.

And of course, some won’t feel complete without their wizard robes. This one is made in under 15 minutes!

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is full of lessons and learning for all.

While they could go as Charlotte, we liked this web costume.

They could go as Wibur. Dressed all in pink with these accessories.

Or they could go as Fern with pigtails and plaid.

Whatever they choose, we encourage you to treasure these times and to look for the treasure in the smallest of places.

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