Birthday disco party photos – what’s missing?

Every weekend Bop till you Drop receive countless photos of the parties we have attended. We love them! We appreciate you sharing the wonderful memories in your birthday disco party photos.

We get to see photos of the birthday child. You send us photos of the birthday guests. We have photos of the Bop till you Drop entertainer with the children. All the smiles. All the laughs. All the fun of the time we have had together. It’s wonderful.

Occasionally, when we are working with a party organiser, we will also receive photos of the birthday cake, disco area set up, and the party bags. We love these photos as they give us a sense of behind the scenes. Themed birthday parties are wonderful to help us share ideas with other families.

But there’s something we’ve noticed lately. There’s something missing from Bop till you Drop birthday party photos. And we want to fix it!

Parents! We’re looking at you!

Yes, generally you’re the one taking the photos so you’re the ones missing it. But it’s not just you missing out. Here’s what we mean.

We miss seeing the parents in the photos.

We want to see more parents in photos.

We want to see you sharing the joy and the fun of the day.

We want you to share the memories you are making with your family.

What do we mean by the last one?

So many parents take photos of their children so they can remember the time they had. They want to capture a moment. Birthday parties are one of the top memories we want to keep.

The thing is that these photos go on and your children will want memories of you. They will memories of you together. They will want memories of you sharing their happy Birthday.

So Bop till you Drop parents, we’re calling on you to get in the birthday photos. Get in the videos you take. Make memories for your children which show you in it having fun with them. We want to see your smile too as it’s just as important for us.

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Testimonials See what our clients are saying!

  • Wow! Just wanted to say how amazing tonight was! All the children absolutely loved it!
    Your amazing entertainer was the BEST dj and never stopped dancing and interacting with them…they loved her! She was amazing thank you so much!!!!!

    Angela Central Coast, NSW

  • We had Bop till you drop for a 2 Hour Science party for my Daughter’s 8th B’day party. They are super easy to communicate with and can get you all setup very quickly. The host arrived on time and was very engaging. The Kids did not move from their seats for the entire duration. Definitely recommend getting them to lift up your b’day parties.

    Nitin Sydney, NSW

  • Alessandra was absolutely amazing, she was early and all the kids loved her!
    The older kids loved the games she played everything was amazing.
    We can’t wait to have you back in October for Halloween!

    St Paul the Apostle P&F Sydney, NSW

  • Eva was brilliant she was amazing she arrived on time and everything was beautifully organised.
    Charlotte was obsessed with her and loved dancing and jumping around
    Eva went above and beyond for us and you could tell she genuinely enjoyed what she was doing it wasn’t a chore at all.
    Thank you so much!

    Hannah Perth, WA

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