3 keys to the perfect dance bun

We see so many dancers here at Bop till you Drop that we thought we would help you out with some of our favourite tips on doing the perfect dance bun.

There are 3 key parts to getting a great bun:
– the ponytail
– the pins
– the flyaways

In this blog, we have collected our favourite tips from around the internet for you.


Ever wonder how to get rid of the poofy bump of hair under your high ponytail?

After you have gathered your hair into the ponytail, tip your head back and smooth and gather it up again from the nape of your neck up to the pony. When you do this it allows you to tighten up on those hairs and smooth out the lump. This is perfect for when you want to wear a super slick pony or you are doing your hair for cheerleading competitions, ballet exams or concerts, gymnastic competitions, or calisthenics shows.

Bobby pins

How many of you knew that there is a right and wrong way to use bobby pins? Some of the team only recently found out they had been doing it wrong for years!

You may never liked the bumpy look of the bobby pins sticking out of the hair and here’s why. That’s the bottom! The bumpy bits go down against your head to anchor your hair. So now when you put your hair up in a chestnut bun or a half-up style; try crossing  two pins over (upside down) and have your style stays put all day.

Best of all, use this when doing your daughter’s bun for dance or calisthenics class. Some Mums have said they can use four pins and the bun stays put for hours class. Happy ballerina = happy Mum.

Check out this link for more information. http://www.makeup.com/right-way-to-use-bobby-pins

Hairspray on hands and smooth over not straight on to your hair

We’re sure we’re not alone in not liking the white flecks that hairspray can leave when it dries. Thing is, if you spray it on your hands and then smooth your hands through your hair, you don’t get the flecks. Sure you have sticky hands, but they are easier to wash than if you were to spray the hairspray on a brush and then smooth it over your hair.

Try this and find you get a much cleaner finish and it doesn’t matter if you are smoothing over a ponytail or running some spray through some curls, by spraying your hands to achieve a nicer result.



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