Four ways to have fun with music that won’t break the bank

Make a kitchen band

Gather up the pots, pans, bowls, tins and create a band. Make sure you use some different utensils to make the noise.

Grab a colander or strainer for a fun washboard noise.

Fill a jar with dried beans for a great shaker.

Find out the different sounds different size jars make and then fill them with water to different heights to change the noise again.

Don’t forget that a funnel can also be a trumpet!

Make sure you record your performance for your family and enjoy swapping ‘instruments’ so everyone gets to try having a different role in your kitchen band.

Join a neighbourhood orchestra

Grab a phone, tablet or other recording device and take a walk out into your yard or around the neighbourhood and record the sounds.

How many different bird calls can you record?

Is there a frog choir in your local creek or pond?

Can you hear a cicada choir instead?

Don’t forget to record the other sounds that aren’t nature. Include the rumble of a train or bus, the buzz of a drill or saw, or the laughter of children.

The great thing about recording these sounds is that you can bring them home and mix the melodies in a piece of software like Garage Band and make your neighbourhood’s music!

Just move it!

What sounds does your body make? (And yes the creaks and groans of joints count) Click your fingers, stamp your feet, clap your hands, click your tongue. What other sounds can you make?

Do the sounds sound different on carpet as on a hard floor? Do they sound different in a small room or a large room? Does it really sound better in a shower? Do parents sound different to kids?

Your body is made up of many organs, make some noise with them!

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