How to decorate the perfect Christmas Tree

The tree is up, you’ve letter and colour matched the parts, now do you let the kids loose on it or do you set a show piece. Well, it’s actually not unusual for families to decorate a Christmas tree for show and a separate one for the school made angels and paper chain garlands. Either which way, we’ve collected some great tips for decorating your Christmas tree.

Primp and fluff

That’s right, you need to make that bare Christmas tree look as full as possible. I don’t know about you but if I’d been in a box for about a year, I’d be feeling flat and needing a freshen up too! So shake the limbs, push the needles back, and fan out the smaller branches on each stem – all the way to the tip. If you’re placing the tree up against a wall or in a corner, consider bending these rear branches forward for a fuller look to your tree.

Light it up!

Yes, that means untangling that pile of cables and not stepping on one of those sharp prickle shaped lights.
When doing our research there were a few tips that totally blew us away when it came to lighting.
– Stylists recommend a minimum of 170 lights for each metre of tree (the more the merrier we say)
– Stylists recommend starting at the base and working your way up
– Stylists recommend winding the lights around the trunk and out (and back) along each limb
Follow those steps to having a glowing Christmas Tree

Add a garland

Time to tinsel the tree! Starting at the top, gradually make each draping further apart (and larger) as you make your way down the tree.

Not a fan of tinsel (or the mess it can make)? Decorate the Christmas Tree with ribbon. Use the ribbon in horizontal “bands” around the tree, or run the ribbon in vertical pieces top to toe of the tree. This last one can be an elegant option topped with a coordinating bow atop of the Christmas Tree.

Time to decorate the Christmas Tree

Let’s face it we all think of putting the baubles on as actually decorating the Christmas Tree. Seems there is a better way to do this too!

-Start with your most precious or heirloom baubles and place them in pride of place high and centred on the tree.
– Working from the centre of the Christmas Tree, arrange your largest ornaments.
– Working from the bottom up, fill in spaces with smaller solid coloured baubles.
– Finally decorate the Christmas Tree with the smallest (and whimsical) on the ends of branches. These are often the small clip on ornaments, stars, or icicles.

For a balanced tree, make sure you work your ornaments in groups of three.

Skirt it

You’ve taken the time, it’s pride of place, so take a little extra time and care and add a tree skirt to your Christmas tree. A tree skirt is not just pretty, it’s practical. The Christmas Tree skirt hides the stand and keeps the leads for the lights concealed. It’s also helpful in keeping presents up and away from all of these workings too.

Top it off

Many families have a tradition of having the children pop the topper on the tree, we love this idea – Christmas is filled with tradition.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a star, and angel, or any other form, please make sure that the tree topper is secure as they can be heavy.

Now is the time to step back, admire your work, and smile as Christmas is nearing. Time to wrap the presents, plan Christmas dinner, and to catch up with friends and family. Speaking of catching up, our parties are fabulous for entertaining children at work and community Christmas parties. You can read more on our website or contact us for more information or bookings.

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