7 Back to School Tips

Back to school can be stressful for the whole household but with these tips, we hope to make things a little easier.

  1. Shoes
    Save credit card points and convert them into gift cards to buy shoes. Buy the best shoes you can afford and they should last all year.
  2. Uniform
    Some schools run second-hand uniform shops, or check with other Mums if they are interested in a trade evening.

    Get the kids used to school routine during the last week of holidays. It saves some first day grumbles over bed time. If you are having trouble with morning routines, try a checklist for each child that lists morning tasks.
  3. Getting dressed
    Lay out uniforms the night before, it saves the “Mum where is my …?” It’s handy so you know which day is formal uniform and which are PE uniform days.

  4. Lunches
    So my suggestion is, get someone to help organise lunches – even if it’s the kids choosing their snacks. Also, pack lunches at night. On hot days, half fill water bottles and freeze them, in the morning  top them up with water for cool water which lasts most of the day.
  5. Calendar
    Write the school week numbers on a calendar. Our school schedules assignments and talks using week numbers (1-10 etc. depending the number of weeks in the term). I write them on when I get my new calendar each January.
  6. Hair
    You may struggle, initially, with the idea of letting your daughter put her hair up for school. You will be glad you let her as she will soon be pretty good at it, though you may still cringe some days. Let her have to say that when choosing school hair accessories, let your girls have a say in what they want to buy and wear in their hair. If they like it enough to buy it then they will like it enough to wear it.

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