5 Questions to ask your children’s entertainer

With nearly 20 years’ experience in the children’s entertainment industry, it’s fair to say that Cathy Randazzo and the team have a wealth of experience to share. We asked them what the top 5 questions parents should ask when choosing a children’s entertainer.

Do you have insurance?

Children, dancing, power cords. What could go wrong? Ok, so with the right training around setting up equipment this shouldn’t be a problem, but the reality is things can go wrong. Having insurances for accidents is a necessity when you’re a children’s entertainer.

Do your staff hold appropriate security checks?

Our children are our most valuable asset and we take protecting them seriously. Making sure that your children’s entertainer has the appropriate and current security checks is mandatory when working with schools, kindergartens, & child care centres, it’s sadly overlooked when running birthday parties, community events, or holiday workshops.

Do you pay copyright for the songs you play?

As artists, children’s entertainers should value the hard work of the singers and songwriters of the songs they played and make sure they are paid. In Australia, children’s entertainers are required to pay copyright fees for the music they play but don’t own the copyright to.

Are your staff regularly trained?

It may seem silly to train a children’s entertainer, but there are always new dance moves, changes to health & safety rules, and new rules on working with children. Keeping up to date with these changes means that customers can rest easy knowing that they are receiving a high quality service.

Is your equipment safety tested?

Amplifiers, microphones, lighting; all of this equipment should be checked at least once a year by a licensed electrician. Safety testing is important for the safety of the party guests and the children’s entertainer.

We hope that these questions help you to choose a children’s entertainer for your next party or event. If you’d like more information about Bop till you Drop’s services, please follow the links at the top of our home page.

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  • We booked a Bop till you Drop disco party for my daughters 5th birthday and it was fantastic! We had 14 little girls dancing and singing their hearts out. The party was utterly perfect! Anisa was so much fun and her energy endless. She kept the kids captivated from start to finish. They had such a fantastic time. I will be raving about this for a while I can promise you.

    Samantha Sealey Sydney, NSW

  • Thank you Bop Till You Drop for the amazing entertainment you gave to all the children at my daughters 6th birthday party. All the kids had an amazing time singing and dancing, with parents coming up to me at the end of the party or texting me to let me know how much of a great time their kids had at the party, and it was all thanks to your team. They made my daughter feel very special on her day!

    Rosa Sydney, NSW

  • We just had a Bop Till You Drop Science Party today with 14x 5 year olds, and they all loved it! Volcanoes, rockets, magic milk, slime. What could be better? They put on lab coats and were able to participate in the experiments. My daughter really liked Shannon, our Bop Till You Drop Host. Thanks so much Shannon! Much credit to her for being such a patient, engaging, and energetic host. We have now had 2 great experiences with BTYD. Thank you!

    Jill Sueoka Sydney, NSW

  • What a fantastic party you created. I literally just booked the hall and brought the food and you guys made it a party!!! Disco lights, microphones and a song choice that was perfect for all the 7 year olds plus the few younger ones we had at the party. The energy of your hosts was amazing!!! They didn’t stop dancing and jumping the entire time and it made the entire party so easy for me as every single one of the kids was completely engaged in the party the entire time!!!

    Marina Sydney, NSW

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