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Bop till you Drop (BTYD) was established in Sydney in 1999 and has grown to have a proven reputation for excellence. It started off with one entertainer doing a couple of parties a month, then a week and as word of mouth travelled very quickly the owners decided to hire a few more staff members to meet the demand. A couple of years later in 2003, the owners decided to sell the business and move onto other adventures. Cathy Randazzo, the original BTYD entertainer was the perfect candidate for the job. Since then Cathy has been the proud owner and director of this forever growing company. There has been much ‘blood, sweat and tears’, not to mention long hours, working 7 days a week year-in year-out in order to build the business into the success it is today.

Cathy is extremely passionate about children. She believes dance and music can really help develop a child’s self-confidence and creative expression. It is the one ‘sport’ that is individual, with no right or wrong dance moves. At all BYTD events, entertainers encourage children to dance ‘how they dance’ and not copy someone else. We try to create a safe place where children are encouraged to be individuals. At our extended School Holiday Programs, and our Dance till you Drop  school programs, this process is expanded upon, with specific classes designed to boost children’s self-esteem.

After many years, Cathy managed to grow the business to approximately 30-40 parties/events each week, with October to December ballooning from 60-100 parties per week. It was at this time she decided to expand outside Sydney. With lots of research and experience she managed to fine tune the disco party process to create a successful formula to enable franchise opportunities. Her first location was Melbourne in 2005. She operated Melbourne from Sydney with regular flights down to make sure entertainers and customers were receiving the same quality party as Sydney. As Melbourne grew, Cathy realised the company needed an owner/operator in Melbourne to maintain the high quality she expected. During 2009, Cathy decided to sell Melbourne as a Franchise, but she didn’t stop there. In January 2011, she also started franchises in both Adelaide and Perth.

As time has passed Melbourne is getting very close to Sydney’s huge customer base. Director Jennifer Borg has done an amazing job training new entertainers and keeping up our excellent customer service. Adelaide director Tiffany Banton and Perth director Melanie Griffiths have had a great inaugural year. Now that their business skills and party process are running like clockwork, they are ready to take on larger volume of parties. All the directors of Bop till you Drop have had extensive training in the entertainment industry.

In January 2015 Cathy decided to split up the NSW region as she was getting a lot of enquires in the Wollongong area and the Central Coast and Newcastle area. Once again she believed there would be better customer service to these clients if there was a Franchise owner looking after their specific area. Therefore in January 2015 Cathy sold a Franchise to Brooke Turpin, she is running the Wollongong and Sutherland Highlands Franchise. Then in January 2016 she sold the Central Coast and Newcastle Franchise to Stacey Goddard.

Another one of Cathy’s huge achievements is the birth of her first daughter Sienna on 23/05/2012, followed by her second daughter Sofia on 28/04/2015. Now along with Bop till you Drop she has three precious babies to looking after, nurture, guide and learn from.

Cathy is constantly looking for new and creative ways to expand the business. In 2015 Cathy started the party bag catalog, sports parties, stretch hummer disco parties and her biggest achievement, Dance till you Drop. Dance till you Drop is a new dance company she opened in January 2011 with business partner Amy Morrison who ran and operated her own successful dance school for 7 years. Together they have developed a dance program for Primary Schools that adheres to the PDHPE syllabus. Please see www.dancetillyoudrop.com.au for details.

Cathy’s goal is to continue doing what she loves best. She often refers to Bop till you Drop as being her baby and she wants only the very best for her prize possession. She has many more ideas and will never stop growing, expanding and implementing better tactics in how to run the ‘best party ever’.


To become an entertainer is not an easy task. All our entertainers across all the states we are active in should be extremely proud of themselves. Each new entertainer has to undergo an extensive training and safety program. They must work alongside a current entertainer for at least 6 weeks before they are allowed to conduct disco parties on their own. Currently we have 42 entertainers over the 4 states. Despite each entertainer bringing their own specific skill-set and experience, each has one thing in common; they love working with children! Although some may be new to BTYD, they are not new to the entertainment industry. BTYD only employs qualified and experienced staff. All our entertainers need to be able to perform alongside, and organise, up to 200 children at a school disco, which means they need professional training and a wealth of experience to successfully organise and conduct a structured disco. Rest assured that all our entertainers have been approved by the ‘Working with Children Check’.

Our awesome and fully qualified team of disco party entertainers

Our awesome and fully qualified team of disco party entertainers


Office staff

Sydney is currently our biggest city, with four office administration staff. There are always two staff members in the office at all times. This way we can ensure every customer is given the time and consideration they need in order to organise the perfect event for their child’s birthday or school/organisation. Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Wollongong, Central Coast are all independently operated by the directors.

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Testimonials See what our clients are saying!

  • We booked a Bop till you Drop disco party for my daughters 5th birthday and it was fantastic! We had 14 little girls dancing and singing their hearts out. The party was utterly perfect! Anisa was so much fun and her energy endless. She kept the kids captivated from start to finish. They had such a fantastic time. I will be raving about this for a while I can promise you.

    Samantha Sealey Sydney, NSW

  • Thank you Bop Till You Drop for the amazing entertainment you gave to all the children at my daughters 6th birthday party. All the kids had an amazing time singing and dancing, with parents coming up to me at the end of the party or texting me to let me know how much of a great time their kids had at the party, and it was all thanks to your team. They made my daughter feel very special on her day!

    Rosa Sydney, NSW

  • We just had a Bop Till You Drop Science Party today with 14x 5 year olds, and they all loved it! Volcanoes, rockets, magic milk, slime. What could be better? They put on lab coats and were able to participate in the experiments. My daughter really liked Shannon, our Bop Till You Drop Host. Thanks so much Shannon! Much credit to her for being such a patient, engaging, and energetic host. We have now had 2 great experiences with BTYD. Thank you!

    Jill Sueoka Sydney, NSW

  • What a fantastic party you created. I literally just booked the hall and brought the food and you guys made it a party!!! Disco lights, microphones and a song choice that was perfect for all the 7 year olds plus the few younger ones we had at the party. The energy of your hosts was amazing!!! They didn’t stop dancing and jumping the entire time and it made the entire party so easy for me as every single one of the kids was completely engaged in the party the entire time!!!

    Marina Sydney, NSW

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